Professional Experience

Massachussetts Institute of Technology

Visiting Scholar, 2020-present

Worked with the Digital Humanities Program of the MIT School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. Helped students conceive, develop, and ship working projects at the intersection of computing and the humanities.

Electropath Consulting

Product Manager & Content Strategist, 2019-present

Responsible for planning, writing, and editing text within our client's apps. Main project was Caro Health, a post-surgery assistant app; there, formulated the 'voice' of the app's text, wrote guidelines for nurses and physicians to provide additional content, and scripted their chatbot in such a way that they seemed neither too human nor too robotic.

Internal Drive Tech Camp @ MIT

Director, 2016-2019

Directed a staff of 25 to run a technology and engineering camp of ~150 students aged 7-17. Programs at the camp include coding, game design, 3D printing, robotics, electrical engineering, digital photography, and video editing. As Director, responsible for overall organization, contacting parents, health and safety supervision, teaching undergraduate instructors how to teach, and sundry other tasks.

Aliterate: A Magazine of Literary Science Fiction

Editorial Consultant, 2016-2018

Read through the slush pile, helped decide which stories were published, edited stories slated for publication.

Metaphilosophy Editorial Office

Editorial Assistant, 2013-2014

Communicated with those who submit papers to the journal and coordinating the review process between Armen Marsoobian, the journal’s editor, and the board of reviewers. Maintained the journal’s records and was responsible for migration to a more orderly digital bookkeeping system.

Southern Connecticut State University Writing Center

Writing Tutor, 2012-2014

Taught students how to organize their ideas and how to improve their writing, both grammatically and stylistically.