Pretty much everything here is a prototype, though some work better than others.

Beckett Adaptations

  • EndlessGame, an adaptation of the teleplay QUADRAT using Unity and written in C#. Runs on Windows, Mac, Web, and Oculus Rift
  • Almost to the Tick, a typing game adaptation of the play Not I using Unity and written in C#, runs only on Windows at the moment.
  • Ceiling, an adaptation of the short piece "Ceiling" into Twine. Very short, runs on basically anything.
  • The Subsublibrarian, a search page for Beckett's work.
  • Other Adaptations

  • Love and Information, Twined, an adaptation of Caryl Churchill's play Love and Information into Twine. Churchill's play is already recombinatory and modular; my adaptation tries to let the reader play as something between director, actor, and audience.
  • Electropath, a consulting company that does product design, content strategy, and software development. Website coming soon.